Saturday, July 23, 2011


Brady loves walking the dogs with Tim, around Mammaw's neighborhood.
Here's a photo of her house.
For dinner, we went to White Fence with the Johnson family. We were tickled that all the Johnson children and grandchildren could attend.
They had live music while we waited for a table (they had a 90 minute wait).
We could sit and play checkers while Brady was in the neighboring video game room.
My cute little cowboy with his stick horse.
After the delicious family style dinner, Brady got to get a "persent". He got a cool little car, his favorite.
The property had all sorts of fun stuff, from a petting zoo (which we didn't visit), pretty gazebos, little creeks with stepping stones and this fun jungle gym area. I love this picture with my little cuddle bug. Especially without Taylor with us, Brady has become more jealous of my time with Anna Belle.
My mom and I dubbed Kimmy the baby whisperer.
This was the cutest little tree house ever.
Oinking like a pig...
Brady laughed and giggled most of the night away on this tire swing. He loved when the swing would hit the neighboring support posts.
Sydney and Taylor
I didn't take quite as many pictures of my baby girl. Anna Belle is still a little under the weather, but she's in good spirits. She hates the saline nasal spray and the astragalus I give her via a bottle, but it really helps her breathe easier. Hopefully she's past the worst of it.

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