Sunday, July 24, 2011

Denver's Downtown Aquarium

Here are a few pictures of Anna Belle at Mammaw's house. Mammaw, Aunt Deb and my Mama have been a tremendous help in keeping my sweet little Anna Belle happy. She's enjoyed playing with the blocks in the photo, but not quite as much as Brady has enjoyed them.
We had lunch at the Aquarium in Denver. I thought it would be just like the one in Houston, but it was actually a lot nicer. It was a cross between the Downtown Houston Aquarium and the Moody Gardens Aquarium. Brady got a dessert for being a good boy through the meal.
During our meal, they started to play "Kiss the Girl" from "The Little Mermaid". Suddenly, we started to see mermaids swimming in the giant fish tank and waving at the guests. It was pretty magical. I thought taking pictures of strangers would seem a bit creepy, so I don't have any photos to share.
Brady and Uncle Tim watching the Colorado River Otters. Brady's had a lot of fun playing with his Uncle Tim.
3 otters at play
Anna Belle's been a little under the weather. I've noticed that the more Astragalus I can get her to take, the better off she seems to be. I tried my best this morning to get her to take the water and astragalus via a bottle, but she really doesn't like it. Our dinner tonight was served with toast and honey. I mixed the astragalus with a little honey and let Anna Belle suck the mixture off my finger, which she LOVED! Hopefully her congestion clears up soon!

We're watching the first Harry Potter with Mammaw right now; she's never seen it before?! I think we're more excited than she is : ) Brady keeps reciting whatever scene is up next. He watches this movie before bed each night, so he's seen it a few hundred times.

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Mark said...

looks like everyone is having a great time! Great photos, by the way, enjoying the blog thoroughly.