Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Congratulations to Kelly and Anthony!

This weekend, my mom, Anna Belle and I drove to Bloomington, IL to watch my cousin Kelly get married. I was delighted to meet her groom, Anthony for the first time. I know they'll have many happy years together. In lieu of bird seed, they had guests write prayers and blessings on little paper airplanes made from scrapbook paper.
I video taped the ceremony from the balcony while Grammy watched Anna Belle. It went pretty smoothly minus one time while I was holding Anna Belle, she tilted the video camera down at the crowd... sorry Kelly and Anthony! The wedding was beautiful despite my flawed taping abilities : )
This is an old Camaro Anthony fixed up. Everyone oohed and awed over it while waiting for the bride and groom to come out. Aren't they cute?!
After church on Sunday, we went to a nice Italian restaurant with the Bowers and Nelsons. Grammy and Anna Belle had good bonding time.
Daddy and Brady stayed at home for the weekend. They went to a high school football game (our neighbor 2 doors down, Daylon, is the star football player for Cy-Woods) and watched the Aggies play on TV. Before we left, Brady and I made a paper bag monster. You can just barely see his eye peeping through the hole on the right. I missed my boys and am glad to be home with them again.

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