Saturday, September 10, 2011

Product Review

Last night, a few Kirby vacuum reps came knocking on our door. A "slick salesman" looking guy and a really cute young girl (with big "eyes") came into our home to demonstrate the vacuum's many features. Slick left the house while the cute girl did the demonstration.

They initially handed us the price sheet and the 100 ways they could finance the same ridiculously high cost. They told us the makers of Porsche designed the vacuum's 2 motors and NASA first used this lightweight, beautiful aluminum. They pulled up all kinds of gross stuff from the carpet, and then they vacuumed our mattress... which is their real selling point. This vacuum also changes light bulbs, acts as a blower, inflator, deflator, will shampoo your carpet and scrub your grout. They were here for quite awhile. It really felt like an infomercial.

We were ready to sit down for dinner, and they were ready to close the deal.

During the endless presentation, I googled consumer reports reviews. Someone named the approximate price they paid, and we told them that's the price we wanted (a 60% discount). The cute girl made 3 phone calls before Slick came back to the house. Slick reaffirmed that our price was ridiculous and the most he could do was a 20% discount, but they wouldn't leave.

They wouldn't even go down to the MSRP posted on the box (both reps acted as if they'd never seen the box before). They said the MSRP was their cost. I thanked them for coming, gave them a bag of cookies and asked them to leave our house because they were interrupting our family time, telling us lies (MSRP) and not selling it at a price we were willing to pay. I went back outside to finish dinner with my mom, Brady and Anna Belle while Taylor continued to stay inside. Slick went to his car and upon his return he told Taylor he could take our offer. Taylor came outside with the cheesiest grin I've seen in a long time to share the news.

I still can't believe we actually purchased it (though I'm glad we did). My mom told me my Great Grandma Nelson always had a Kirby, but she was most impressed with how pretty the new Kirby is. I have to agree : )
I've also started cloth diapering Anna Belle. With every wear, I end up spending about an hour resizing all the diapers to try to get the perfect fit. Aside from that annoyance, I'm happy with the overall product. Though slightly bulky and a lot harder than disposables, I feel like I'm doing a good thing for Anna Belle's skin, the environment and the good old pocket book (the pocket book needs the cloth diapers to recover from the vacuum purchase). We still use disposables when we go out.
Sorry for the boring post, but I couldn't help myself. I'll return to pics of the kids next time.

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