Thursday, September 29, 2011

Random Menagerie of Topics

Brady truly tortures our dogs, but it's all with love. He's been filling up Daisy's water bowl in our bathroom and then walking the flat dish back to the kitchen (which is a messier than I'd like). He also entices Daisy into her crate and then crawls in there with her. He loves the dogs so much.

Brady is really starting to wear me out. Yesterday he flooded the bathroom while I was taking a shower. His new favorite thing is to grab every pillow in the house and pile it in his closet for a cozy getaway. We tell Brady not to wet the bed, so for the last 2 nights he gets out of bed and wets his pants while standing on the rug in his room. He spilled my tea all over my lunch before I could eat it. After Brady pooped this morning, I came over to wipe his bottom and he said, "I can do it!" and immediately wiped his bottom with his bare hand. He touched a few things (including me) before I could throw him in the shower. All of this is just in the last 24 hours!

He senses when my nerves are wearing thin. After he spilled tea on my lunch he kept saying, "I love you, Mommy" and giving me sweet hugs while I cleaned up. He's such an endearing child. I think God made him that way, so that his mommy would be inspired to persevere with love and patience.
Earlier this week we cleaned up the river rocks along the path. I find it sort of therapeutic.
Now to figure out how to dispose of the steel edging...
Saving my favorite part for last... Another tutu photo shoot... this time Anna Belle's 6 months. My first year with my baby girl is going too quickly.
Never too early to start yoga training. "Downward dog" is a good start, right?
Anna Belle's not really crawling yet, but she's definitely getting close. She rocks on her knees a lot. I adore this innocent face.
Sweet faces
My sweet girl didn't enjoy the whole photo shoot.

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