Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oil Ranch and a Wedding

We visited the Hockley Oil Ranch this afternoon after church, with the Bowers family. Taylor and I are kind of afraid of these fall fun festivals because when they're crowded, they really aren't fun. We were very pleasantly surprised that there were no crowds or lines. It ended up being a lot of fun for the whole family. I love these pictures of my babies together.
Getting a picture of 2 kids is tough... 4 is near impossible!
The hay ride was really fun because we got to feed the cows.
Both with their eyes closed, but they're so sweet.
Last night we went to James and Lauren Strickland's wedding. It was really beautiful.
Melanie asked someone to take a picture, and they had a hard time with the camera. This was by far their best try at this shot, but Melanie looks like she's wearing a deer antler. Maybe it's because she knows how excited Kevin is about deer hunting season.
Brady went to the Cy-Woods football game with Grammy, and we took Anna Belle with us. She slept through the entire reception.

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