Sunday, October 30, 2011

Video Updates and More

Here's Anna Belle's first ride in Brady's Jeep. They were both rather tickled with the idea of riding around together. I love how Anna Belle has her hand on Brady's shoulder in the second picture. After I took Anna Belle out, Brady put the towel in his lap like an old lady. He makes me giggle every day.

Brett and Allison came over this afternoon. We watched the Texans game, ate junk food and carved pumpkins. Brady used the drill to poke holes in his pumpkin. Every time Taylor uses the drill / powered screw driver, Brady wants to use it too. This was a great opportunity for him to play with Daddy's toys.
A little competitive carving between siblings. I think they BOTH did a great job : )

As usual, I'm slow to upload videos. This video is from Brady's first "Glow Bath". We bought a bunch of glow sticks and let him take a bath with them in the dark. It entertained him for quite awhile: mission accomplished. Photos and videos in the dark are kind of tough.

Here's a random video of Brady making Anna Belle laugh. We were trying to watch The Little Mermaid VHS in his room. I'm trying to introduce him to more Disney movies prior to our trip to Disney World. Obviously, I had a hard time holding his attention.

Anna Belle is moving around more and more. This little girl was born with a lot of vigor and determination.

Here's a video of Korey acting silly with Addison and Brady (the two who played so sweetly at the beach).

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