Tuesday, October 4, 2011

RIP Grandma Joye

Grandma Joye passed away this week. We went to the visitation Sunday and funeral yesterday; both were lovely and worthy of Joye's seal of approval. We were happy to get to spend time with Uncle Phillip (home from the Air Force), Aunt Joanne (from Tennessee) and her five fun kiddos (from left to right, Daniel, Samuel, Grant, Maddison and Tricia). After the funeral, they came over to go swimming and play. It was a little bit cool, so everyone piled in the hot tub together.
After seeing Madison in a floaty, Tricia wanted one too. It was cute to see them floating around together.
To keep Brady happy (not crying) through the visitation, reception and funeral, we boosted his blood sugar. It makes him a little crazy, but at least he's not belligerent. This morning he wanted more Coke, and I told him "no". He then persuaded me to go upstairs, "Mommy, wanna go upstairs? It's not scary. You can do it. Brady'll stay downstairs." He says this as he stands between me and the Coke. Whoever said kids were honest must not have kids.

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