Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hello Seattle!

Here's the 3 of us in the courtyard entrance to our hotel, here in the beautiful city of Seattle, WA.
The Dennis family is Taylor's client, but they've become our good friends. We take business trips twice a year with them, and we really have a great time.
The ever so famous Pike Place Fish Co., which I learned about through a motivational seminar at Crescent. If you're unfamiliar, click here: Fish! Philosophy Video
View from the roof deck of our hotel.
View from the street entrance of our hotel.
The view from our hotel room.
Anna Belle in Seattle's airport, waiting for us to rent a car. She has been quite the center of attention, wherever we go. We feel so blessed that she did so well on the 4 hour flight.
The day before we left, Brady wanted cake for breakfast. Feeling guilty about leaving him, I gave in and we made a cake. I messed up a few things, so it really looked gross. Fortunately, my little Brady still loved it. I miss you buddy!

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