Monday, September 19, 2011

Zoo, Carnival, and Birthday Parties

Last week, we went to the zoo with the Smoters (and a few other families).
The highlight was getting to watch the elephants get their morning baths.
Last night, the Wetterauers and Dachs came over for dinner and to watch the Texans football game and celebrate Thomas's upcoming birthday.
Kylie came over in these overalls, and Anna Belle so happened to have the same ones. When Anna Belle was done "swimming" I dressed her to match Kylie and snap a few photos.
On Saturday night we celebrated Megan's 24th birthday. She said she won't feel old until she's 25, because that's a quarter of a century.
On Friday night, we went to the Cy-Woods Carnival. Becoming a part of this community is one of the main reasons we moved out here. I'm always happy to see what nice kids go to our high school.
My mom was a "Pie Throwing" target for the first 15 minutes of the carnival. Everyone kept saying, "Who could throw a pie at Mrs. Puckett?!" I guess the bad part of teaching Juniors and Seniors is the young 'ens didn't know who she was and pied her without shame. Brady felt left out of the festivities, so he "threw" a pie too.
Our neighbors, the Skidmores (2 doors down) are super talented. Not only is Daylin star of the football team, but his dad designed our landscaping, mom sculpted the bronze wildcat in front of the school and she crafted this giant boot for the carnival.
Anna Belle's moving around a lot more lately. Both the kids love to play with my phone. On Friday night, Brady took my phone off the charger to play his games. I knew it wouldn't last long and I was already in bed and didn't want to argue with him. That was the last I saw the phone until late Sunday night on a wild hunt for it. Taylor found it in Brady's toy garbage truck... I should have known.
Brady now loves taking all the cushions off the couch and throwing himself upon them. He laughs and giggle hysterically and proclaims, "I want to be funny mommy."
Here's a video of my baby girl laughing at and talking to her daddy. She's just now becoming a lot more vocal and we're hearing her laugh and interact with us a whole lot more. What a cutie pie?!

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