Sunday, September 11, 2011

Proud to be an Aggie

For those of you looking at what college to attend (because maybe you're touring colleges at Thanksgiving in lieu of going to Disney), I want you to consider this. Texas is a great school, they're slightly bigger than A&M, their academics tend to be a little stronger, their football team has multiple national titles, they are in the beautiful city of Austin, blah, blah, blah. Last nights Texas game reminded me why I love being an Aggie.

One of the things I love about A&M is that when I looked at my fellow high school graduates attending A&M, it was all the, what I will call, "normal" kids. Just plain old, good, upstanding citizens who were approachable, honorable and down to earth.

I am very proud of A&M's former students. Not only is their support for the school unwavering, but our "normal" students go on to be exceptional leaders in the business place, military and political realm. One of the sayings on the A&M campus is that the A students come back and teach. The C students come back and donate buildings.

Today's Texas fans (including the current and former students) tend to be a little fair weathered. I include the current and formers students since a great majority of people walking around with Texas gear are HCC drop outs and Houston Cougars in hiding.

To get straight to the incident that inspired me to write this blog, who BOOS AT THEIR OWN TEAM!?! These kids go out to play ball, but when times are tough, they can't even count on their own team to support them during the game. The worst part of it is, this is not the first, and definitely wont be the last time it happens.

Furthermore, as we honor those who died on 9.11.01, I'm reminded of how 80,000+ Aggies came together in less than a week to honor those who died by wearing red, white and blue to the football game. The logistics were tough, but you can always count on Aggies to join together and support one another. I may not love football, but I'm darn proud to be an Aggie.

And Texas, you should summon your inner "hippie" roots and give your team some free unconditional love. They have earned it.

Thanks and Gig 'em!


Smoter Family said...

You don't have to hate on UT to have pride to be an Aggie. I think most longhorns can appreciate the pride of an Aggie and that picture is awesome.
As far as the booing goes. Sometimes to have a winning season you have to boo a quarterback who doesn't need to play anymore. Not that he is a bad person but he just isn't cutting it. Last nights game was awesome because not only did we win, we realized that Gilbert's time is done. And for that fans are excited and hopeful for a better season than last year.

christopher passmore said...

Michelle Bacot said...

I knew my Passmore friends would get their comments in. The beauty of a rivalry. I just hope it doesn't end with our move to the SEC. Already looking forward to Thanksgiving.

phillip said...

Gig em!!!