Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cafe Mickey and Sceaux

Most of Brady's excitement about our trip has centered around getting to see Mickey Mouse, and here he is.
This morning we went to St. Pancras (beautiful train station in London, across the street from Kings Cross) to take the EuroStar to Paris.  Pappaw met us at the Gare de Noir and helped us onto the RER B out to Sceaux.  The first pic is the train tracks / stop at Sceaux and the second picture is the main street that we took to Pappaw's apartment.  It's a charming little French town.
 Anna Belle was a little intimidated by the characters, but Brady loved them.

 Brady kept a close eye on each of the characters, he was really eager to meet each one (but the most excited about Mickey Mouse)

 Pluto was probably Brady's second favorite.

Aunt Megan teaching Brady the head-nodding / dancing face.  The still image looks a bit goofy.

Brady goes through episodes where he just wants to go home.  I hope these subside a bit as his sleep schedule improves.  He slept 14 hours straight last night?!  It's near midnight here, so I should probably get to bed too.

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Allison said...

love all of these! makes me want to be there...looks like they are having a great time even though im sure the time change is hard on all of you!