Friday, June 8, 2012

More Traveling

I know it's tacky, but I took this picture of Anna Belle because she keeps playing with Brady's undies, and I wanted to caption the photo with, "I see London, I see France, I see Brady's underpants."
 For breakfast, we had cheese tarts and fruit, which we picked up in the Marche du Sceaux on Wednesday.
 This is more of our Thursday morning.  When we went to Disney Village, Pappaw got he and Brady matching Star Wars blasters.  Who seems more excited about them?
 Anna Belle got this little toy from the Marche du Sceaux.  We had to giggle at Princess Pippa.
 We had to take 2 RER's to get to our high speed train station, which was really beautiful.
 The high speed train was great, and riding in first class was great too.  We all got to face one another with a table between us, which was great for passing the kids from one person to the next.  After almost 6 hours on the train, we arrived in Perpignan and picked up the largest vehicle Avis had to offer.  It's like our way of announcing, "The Texans have arrived!"
 After quite a few winding roads and traffic, we arrived to our hotel, right on the beach in Perpignan.
 Today, Friday, we hopped back in the van to visit a few wineries.  The coastal towns are FILLED with these Canary Island Palms (like the one we recently planted in our backyard).  I dream that ours will fill out like this one, some day.
 The first winery was in the small town of Elne.  There wasn't a nearby vineyard, but the warehouse was pretty cool.  Love the stained glass.
 Aged in barrels made out of American Oak, but "made in France."
 Coullieurre was GORGEOUS!  We ate, we shopped, and enjoyed the view of the castle and coastline.

 We went up into the foothills of the Pyranese mountains, where this region produces the most grapes.  My dad found this vineyard and scheduled a tasting (though they don't have an "open house" style tasting room).  It felt very authentic and the views were unbelievable.

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