Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Let's do London

We were scheduled to go to Paris Monday afternoon, but the flight was overbooked (which is a big problem when you fly standby).  We spent a few hours Sunday reviewing alternate routes.  At 4:00pm we realized there was a Sunday 6:30pm flight to London.  It was super stressful emotionally and physically, but we got on the flight.  I was unable to sleep on the plane, and the kids didn't sleep well either.  
Rather than tackle the EuroStar train from London to Paris immediately, I checked us into a hotel this morning.  Here are a few pictures of it (really nice, by European standards).  We're quite grateful.  They even got us a little crib for Anna Belle.
 We really tried to take a nap upon arrival, but the kids wouldn't hear of it.  I think they were pretty excited about their freedom to rome about the room.  As soon as we got on the taxi to the London Eye, they both fell fast asleep.  I'm still glad we got to see something of London beyond the Tube.
 Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, as seen from the London Eye.
 There was a cute and tasty little bistro called Union Tavern, across the street from our hotel.  We ate dinner there before coming back to the room for the night.  The restaurant is in the background of the photo below.
As you can imagine, I have tired kids to deal with... so I better tend to them. We have another big day tomorrow (train to Paris).

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