Friday, June 15, 2012

Disneyland Paris

 On the day before we left, Pappaw took Megan, Brady and me to Disneyland.  Megan and I had to laugh that we went to Disney World in November and it was hot, but Disneyland in June was cold.

 Orlando has the Cindrella castle, but Disney Paris has the Sleeping Beauty castle.
 The coolest animitronic Buzz... his face was a screen and looked quite "real".  Brady was a little frightened by him, but loved the ride so much that we went twice.

You could go one floor up in the Sleeping Beauty castle and see these beautiful stained glass windows, tapestries and the spindle that Aurora pricked her finger on.  The exit even had the tight spiral staircase that she climbed to get to the spindle.  It was magical.

 Each "station" had the story book opened to the appropriate page.
 Here's the view of Fantasyland from the back of the castle.  DisneyWorld is making upgrades to Fantasyland over the next 2 years, and I think the awesome landscaping in Disney Paris might have been part of the inspiration.

The air was cool and the lines were short, so we got to see a lot.  Here's what we hit
Buzz Light Year Blast (twice)
Sleeping Beauty's Castle
Lancelot's Carousel (Brady kept calling them kerrosells)
Tea Cups
A storybook boat ride with miniature figures from the Disney classics
Phantom Manor
Pirates Beach (playground)
Pirates of the Carribean
Shootin' Range
Aladin Tour

Brady's so proud he can almost hold his fingers in the "I love you" sign... What a cutie pie.

My favorite picture (in the teacups with the Sleeping Beauty castle in the background, with my favorite little guy).

Lastly, we saw this $50,000 crystal Cinderella castle... crazy?!
Our flight home went better than expected.  We had 5 seats to ourselves, in the extra leg room row, behind the restrooms.  3 of the seat cushions had been spilled on by the previous passengers, so we put a bunch of blankets down and let the kids roam a little.  We were pretty well acclimated to Paris time, so they weren't very sleepy (10 hour flight starting at 10am).  Anna Belle slept about 45 minutes in the middle of the flight, and Brady slept that last 90 minutes.

We're all so happy to come home and see Taylor.  On the flight, I told Anna Belle we were going home to see Daddy.  She got a really worried look and called for him for the following 20 minutes of the flight.

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