Sunday, June 10, 2012

Night on the Boardwalk

 Dinners in this area start late and last long.  We try to eat dinner at 7pm, though we're the only ones in the restaurant until about 8pm.  After ordering our food, Megan and I took the kids over to this nearby play area.
 Anna Belle was trying to stand on her head, which seems to be one of her new favorite things.
 Brady had a hard time climbing up on this, but I think it was his favorite bounce house.

 Anna Belle liked walking along this bouncy snake, which was staked in the sand.  It was probably 40 feet long.
 Brady liked the bouncy stuff, but he really likes this sand too.
 At many of our meals, we drink water out of a wine glass.  Brady proudly says, "Like Daddy."
 This was an awesome dessert.  By the time Anna Belle finished, it was all in her lap, legs, neck, elbows, knees, hair... I'm glad I had plenty of wet wipes.
 This beautiful carousel was just a little further down the boardwalk.

 We let Brady play in the sand for awhile before going to bed.  He's really excited about wearing his new swimsuit and actually getting in the water in the morning.

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