Saturday, June 9, 2012


After spending the morning and afternoon at wineries, we decided to stay closer to the hotel for the evening.
We're staying at the All Seasons hotel, on the beach in Perpignan.  The travel crib my dad borrowed from a neighbor and this one are longer and slightly more narrow than the ones in the US, which is actually quite nice.  Another interesting feature is that the windows have metal shades that easily roll over the exterior of the windows, which creates a total blackout effect.  I've been very grateful for this feature as our sleep schedules have been a bit off.
The room has 2 desks, a nice closet, a tall stack of shelves, a king bed and a twin bed.  It's small, but it has plenty of room for everything we need.
Here's the view of the mini golf course, from our balcony.  Again, you can see how huge a lot of these Canary Island Palms are.
The sea bass is giving me one last look before I eat him.  
After dinner we played mini golf.
While we waited for our game to start, I took a few pictures of the kids.
Just to the right of the photo with the kids, I took this picture of the boardwalk with the Pyrenees mountains in the background.
Brady got a hole in one.
This morning we're going to explore downtown Perpignan and all the little Saturday morning markets.  More to come!

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